Kujira, Whale of Watatsumi is a giant whale that encircles the country of Ukiyo-e. It rarely submerges and can often be seen off of the coasts, but primarily The Glimmering Peninsula. It is quite the treat for the children of Otohime to witness Kujira off in the distance. Their mothers and fathers will take them to the docks for the express purpose of catching sight of Kujira’s massive silhouette against the horizon.

What makes Kujira noteworthy other than his size is the fact that an entire island has seemingly grown on his back. Its eastern flank is covered in sand and tropical trees, a dense jungle makes up the inner portion of its back, and a continuous mountain ridge on the western flank forms a telltale hump. It is said that Sea Elves dwell on Kujira’s head, revering both him and his god.

Two lines of a haiku have survived the ravages of time, written by a long dead druid. Sociologists, scholars, and philosophers seek the third line and still debate the meaning of the unfinished poem to this day:

What the will suggests
speaks of Kujira’s passing…


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