Inari is an androgynous Power whose main domain on Ukiyo-e is the White Forest. Typically, Inari is referred to as a she, but it would be misleading to assume that The White Fox exists in a binary of man or woman.

She presides over the natural world – forests, trees, flowers, and plants of all kind. Farmers and cultivators often pray to Inari for good fortune with their crop, while foresters and lumberers pray for forgiveness as they make their way towards industry. Midwives, pregnant women, and would-be fathers carry symbols of The White Fox with them in hope for a healthy babe.

Inari is known to be a lover of well-mannered and good-natured pranks, often played at the expense of her older brother Nainokami. When the earth splits, Inari dresses the chasm up with bright purple flowers to create a lovely fragrance and draw people to the site.


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