Hachiman is the best known of the Eastern Powers because he was himself once a mortal. His symbol is the katana, and while he was once an intermediate Power, The Commander has seen a great surge in strength of late… Ukiyo-e is a hotbed of physical and ideological conflict, something Hachiman thrives in.

His mortal life is the stuff of legends, though like legends, there are different variations. Some describe him as a monk, while others suggest he was one of the first to ever don metal armor and master the katana. It is clear he spent time in Monkeypaw Monastery, learning the teachings from the masters therein.

He has a few famous followers; one is a traveler from the far west named Fortinbras, a blind warrior that once led armies in the Emperor’s name, but lost both wife and child in The Great Dragonborn War and secluded himself from the world thereafter. Worshippers and pilgrims of Hachiman are said to follow in Fortinbras’ path as one of their trials, learning to fight without sight as naturally as they do with it.

It is also said Susano-o the storm giant and Ito of the West Wind once battled in Hachiman’s name


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