Amatsumara is the god of forging, weapons, and craft; his power is intermediate since most followers pay him patronage and lip service as opposed to legitimate and sustained worship. His altar is the anvil, his prayer is the clang of metal upon metal.

He sometimes takes on the mortal form of a man with thick muscles and a long, black beard and works with his most devout craftsman at the highest peaks of the eastern spine. They forge the finest weapons for the steepest prices (in deed, not coin); only three wielders are known to exist: Susano-o the storm giant heaves a mighty great axe, Tengen Mizuchi owns a set of ever-replenishing shuriken, and His Imperial Majesty proudly displays a mystical katana in his throne room.

It is said that the West Wind seeks to have his scimitar remade and improved upon by Amatsumara himself and only needs the right gift in order to gain an audience.


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