Origin of the Sun

To the far East of a certain, almost negligible prime world is the large, island country of Ukiyo-e. This is a world like the countless others in the multiverse, plagued with its own vices and virtues as it comes into contact with forces greater than itself.

The island of Ukiyo-e acts as a simulacrum towards the political structures of reality, emulating its ebb and flow with energies that mortals can, and often do, interact with. These energies range from the imperceptible motions of ki to the tangible, (im)moral manifestation of planar beings. There are times when the fabric of Ukiyo-e is at its thinnest, granting access to worlds beyond… and other times where the institutions in place secure its position against outside influences.

Each and every living soul in Ukiyo-e is beset upon all sides with an existential craving for more; some search for their answers in the gods while others look for it within themselves. Each person is their own universe, and they too represent the thinning and thickening of the world around them. There is a somewhat greedy desire at the heart of this land, exemplified in every fiber of its being.

Roughly some eight years ago, a mighty conqueror named Moghdul Khan invaded the western bank of Ukiyo-e, the Glimmering Peninsula, and set about encroaching his will upon this simulacrum. After a bloody onslaught (known as the Great Dragonborn War), much of the landscape itself changed into a hellish valley, and the Khan annexed a nearby port city, installing a puppet Shogunate that is now in a cold war with the Jewel of the East, Otohime

His Imperial Majesty watches from afar, the Imperial Palace like a defiant monument against all that is and all that ever will be. It is said that he has taken a peripheral interest in four adventurers as they make their way through what he would call… his world. Though none can guess at the true will of the Celestial Emperor, rumor carries like the wind, and many of Ukiyo-e’s inhabitants sense the shifting of an era.

This is the Origin of the Sun.


Origin of the Sun

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